The Realist Registry

I’ve had a lot of time to think about things that are helpful to moms with newborns. I’ve only been through it twice so I’m by no means an expert but I’d like to say I’m considered a veteran mom at this point. Both my kiddos were born during Covid times so baby showers were iffy. For my first baby I had 2 showers, one from my best friends and one from family. I got on Pinterest and added everything but the kitchen sink to my registry. I mean I got all the “baby essentials” that were highly recommended by mom bloggers. I took great pride in my registry and used Babylist so it was all in one spot for all to see. I ended up getting a lot of stuff from it which was awesome! The only thing was.. I didn’t use half the stuff. The fancy cream applicators, the pacifier holders, and even some of the developmental toys were short lived. With my first one everyone said not to buy too many newborn items because of how fast they grow. They truly grow like weeds BUT if your doctor is anticipating them being small then DO buy the newborn diapers and onesies. Jackson was in newborn clothes and diapers for a few months so that was unexpected. Thank goodness for Amazon 2-day shipping! For my second I made sure to have newborn diapers and clothes at the house this time. 

Here are some ideas if you have a friend or family member having a shower soon. These are all things that are helpful to the new mama and her growing family. Some of these gifts might seem a bit odd so if you’re not comfortable then definitely stick to the registry. Or get one thing from the mom’s list AND one of these ideas. She might look at you kind of crazy but I promise when she uses the item she will think of you and smile. Gift cards are always nice so they can pick things out or order online. In the first few weeks no mama wants to have to go to the grocery store for 1 item that she ran out of because she accidentally ran out. Loading up the baby and going to the store for toilet paper will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back when you’re exhausted in those newly postpartum days. Laundry detergent (baby friendly detergent or regular) for sure. You don’t realize how many loads of laundry you’ll be doing just because a tiny 8 pound human is added to the mix. Between the spit ups, blowouts, and normal daily clothes you’ll be doing laundry 24/7. Good ol’ Dawn dish soap for washing bottles or soaking pump parts. If it’s gentle enough for baby ducks then it’s definitely good enough for the babes. WIPES. ALL THE WIPES. You will use them for everything (literally). I have a package or box of wipes in almost every room of the house and in the truck. I use them for diaper changes, make up remover, cleaning up spills, the dogs. You name it, a wipe can clean it! I’m partial to the Huggies Natural Care but honestly any wipe can clean up the messes. Puppy pads. This one might seem a bit weird but necessary for those newborn days. That amazing changing pad you got with those cute covers will become a mess as that cute little newborn sprays you with pee (or worse) right after you get done cleaning them. Lay down a puppy pad and BOOM 💥 that changing pad is still nice and clean underneath. You can also use them for crib liners, public changing table covers (stick a few in the diaper bag), even in the bouncer or swing if you’ve got a spitter-upper like me. Cloth diapers make great burp rags! These are going to be a diaper bag must have for sure. Any of the Earth Mama products (for baby or mom). I have the baby soap, diaper balm, and nipple cream. Side note: the nipple cream makes great lip balm. The Windi (by Fridababy) is another highly recommended gift. It helps pass those stubborn gas bubbles that happen at 3am when everyone is exhausted. It’s a little awkward at first but I promise she will be thanking you when she sees the relief on the little one’s face. Another Fridababy product that’s super helpful is the NoseFrida. While the old school booger suckers are good, the NoseFrida is GREAT. If the thought of sucking the boogers out yourself is a little gross you can use your pump instead (YouTube it!). Speaking of Frida products.. the Labor and Delivery + Postpartum Recovery Kit is a MUST for any type of birth. There are so many helpful things and their products are amazing. Definitely take what you can from the hospital but once those run out be sure to have this box ready to go. A small diaper caddy that you can move around the house with you will become your new purse. I have one for each kiddo with all of their diaper changing needs. I have them stocked with diapers, creams, wipes, nail clippers, and a change of clothes for the blowouts. I usually keep them in whatever room we are hanging out in that day or in the living room for easy access. Speaking of easy access. Something I found super helpful (for anyone really) is getting the behind the seat vehicle organizers. I have one for each kiddo stocked with stuff you need for changing, toys, snacks, shoes, change of clothes, and whatever else is helpful for your babe. You could add a clean bottle/sippy cup, formula holder, diaper trash bags, and of course extra wipes. I use this to help reduce what I have to carry in my diaper bag. Now that I have 2 munchkins to pack for that diaper bag weighs as much as my toddler. Footed ZIPPER pajamas are what mine live/lived in for basically the first year no matter what season. Do not get anything with snaps. I repeat, NO SNAPS. No parent wants to try to match snaps at midnight or in the middle of a Target bathroom. Sure they are cute but that outfit will be short lived. The one stuffed animal/noise maker I’ve bought multiple of is the Fischer Price Calming Vibes Hedgehog. My sister bought it for Jackson as a random gift and it’s become a part of our daily life. We have 5 (I think) between my house and their Gigi’s house. The hedgehog is so popular that Target only lets you buy 2 at a time online. Now little Josie has one of her own too. They are fantastic for those colicky nights that never end. Of course all these things are what are/were helpful for me and my hubby. Each parent is different and someone else might have better ideas but I’d like to think that these might be helpful suggestions if you’re wondering what to get (or what to ask for) for a new bundle of joy.

Oh, and another thing. Don’t forget about that mama. Yes babies are super cute and super fun to spoil but that mama needs spoiling too. Her whole world is about to be changed and she will need extra love and grace as she enters this new journey. You can add in gift cards so they can order the next necessary item they think about during that 3am feed. Some ideas would be Target, Amazon, Walmart/H-E-B, nail salons (for some relaxing mom time) and definitely STARBUCKS! Fuzzy non-slip socks, chapsticks, dry shampoo, hand cream (so much hand washing), FAST drying nail polish. Think about things that would be easy to do in a timely manner but also be a little pampering for the mom. Bath salts are great but let’s be honest, Mom won’t have time for a full soak for YEARS. Another idea would be a subscription box of any type. There are so many options for mom & baby and they are always super fun to receive and go through. A cute personalized drink container will be used often and cherished forever. I literally have a water bottle in each room of the house in different states of fullness. Not last and definitely not least, FOOD. Grab something from the freezer section that anyone can pop into the oven or microwave for a quick/easy meal. Whether you make it homemade for them to freeze or if you grab a bag of dino chicken nuggets for the big kiddos it will be much appreciated. Frozen juices will also come in handy and are easy to store. Snacks foods will help tie mama over in the middle of the night when the breastfeeding hunger kicks in. If you’ve made it this far thank you for reading! This has been in my head for months and I sure hope it helps if you’ve got a shower to go to or a mama/baby to buy for.

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